Tl;dr last Tuesday

The main part of last night’s meeting concerned two subjects:

  • Discussing a proposal for helping Omni Commons with funding

Although it was a NOT a proposal this week, we did agree to bring it up next week as a proposal. The actual monetary value of our funding was intentionally vague. We also want to see this as the beginning of a mutual partnership between Noisebridge and Omni Commons / Sudo Room.

  • Outlining requirements for reopening for events

We agreed that the largest hurdle to reopening was the contract work on the front door and exit, as well as the bathroom. We are getting quotes this week and will get back to Victor on the subject. Expect at least two weeks and a month, so first Saturday in August, with a limited (<30) venue.

Also, the laser cutter should be out by then, we are pinging Sean Stevens and affiliate @coreyfro to move it.

More detail in thread

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Short announcements:

  • We got some budding roboticists asking about Noisebridge from
  • Do we need philanthropists now that facilitators are a thing? Maybe when Noisebridge is open full-time?

After hours:

  • @croepha 's access control project needs some helpers, and to do so, we’re going to idiot proof the design, namely by having my clueless self attempt to load another system on Thursday.
  • Noisebridge’s official social outreach should be word of mouth – we don’t need social media to attract the tourists.