Tiny Sleep Spaces (December 2019 Deadline)

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As a Christian Anarchist, I feel strongly about reshaping our communities through direct action (e.g. adverse possession, Occupy) rather than bourgeois, representative policy.

To that end, as of January 1, 2018, the state of California allows anyone to live in a “granny flat” (otherwise known as “accessory dwelling unit or ADU”) full time. Previously, one had to be a primary health caretaker of a resident in the “main house.” - SB229 and AB494 were the most recent changes to ease restrictions.

However, all of these generally do not address the primary challenge that distort rental costs - land.

It is likely that in all of 2018 the city and county of SF began construction on less than 100 ADU’s.

To respond to a shifting need - spaces for sleep and elemental protection - that takes cues from other industries (e.g. Ford, Jump bike stations(, I envision a mobile sleep “pod” that avoids all of the encumbrances of cost, utility connectivity, etc that serve as an intentional barrier to freedom of motion - sleep “pods”

The vision is for a light, curved structure that leans toward the organic, futurist design principle. Seven feet long, three feet wide, and tall enough to allow sitting upright. The weight should allow the structure to be pulled by an electric bicycle (thereby removing the limitation of tiny houses access to “parking spaces”). I’ve attached a very rough sketch and hope to find engineers/ to narrow the structural weight bearing needs and graphic designers to assist with a three-dimensional rendering.

I’m searching for a small team of persons that can each give 3-5 hours per week of time. This is time limited as it is necessary to have the final three-dimensional rendering - using a build design that’s been cross-checked in CAD, etc - by December 2019. Why? Though I’m an anarchist one must “seize the time.” The 2020 General Election primary has been moved earlier in California - March 2020. During that time, the population in general will be seeking “big ideas” to address practical problems (e.g. housing). This is of course the perfect time to shop the design for funding to build a scale model and functional prototype.

I intend this as a project that financially benefits Noisebridge. This means, any future B Corporation, etc that is established to build these units would result in revenue for Noisebridge. New streams of revenue for Noisebridge are esp. important given the consideration to purchase a much larger building.

Funnily enough I actually built something just like that this summer as part of a hackathon.

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Amy Farrah Weiss is proposing Safe Organized Spaces, which is basically a group of tiny house things like you seem to be proposing, plus some hygiene support (toilets, showers, etc.) You might be able to get/give info & ideas there.
Her group

Funny you should mention that, because my non-profit filed a lawsuit against the city last year for obstructing new ADU construction on owner-occupied lots.

I have a lot of Opinions about ADUs in San Francisco, and my strongest held one is that land value isn’t the biggest obstacle to new ADUs (in sf, at least) because most people looking to build an ADU already own the land; they’re regular homeowners out in the western neighborhoods. The problem is San Francisco insists that every ADU must go through Discretionary Review which allows any neighbor who can pay the ~$1k fee (aka, if you’re rich) to foist hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees on top of a project sponsor. This is a violation of state law, as alleged in our lawsuit.