Timon aka Ayer was asked to leave (again?) Wednesday

Does anyone know Timon (aka Ayer) …?

Apparently they’ve got some history at sudoroom, leading up to this entry in https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Banned

Timon - also goes by ‘Ayer’ on 2014-05-28
The collective/community they were identified with: Sudo Room
Ban initiated by: Sudo Room
From the meeting notes: “Regardless of Timon’s current membership status, we find him in “bad standing” with regard to sudo room’s values, specifically with regard to “safe space”. We ban Timon from the sudo room, for an indefinite period.”

Mohammed and I asked him to leave when he showed up at noisebridge around 9:45 Wednesday night. I’m under the impression that he has already been asked to leave by other people (last week?)

He seems to be dealing with some … issues. Perhaps someone who knows him better might care to check in and see where they’re at.

In any event, I advised Timon that he should expect to be added to the 86 list if he shows up at noisebridge again.

I’m guessing there may be some more useful input from other people who’ve had to deal with him, both recently and from years ago.

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Does anyone have a photo? Please take a photo for internal reference only when people are asked to leave.

Does that violate no-photo policy if it’s not a “ban”?

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people who violate the community aren’t afforded the privacy to continue to violate this or other communities.

photos are requested. In this case we can probably take the one from sudo room.

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Check the noisebridge slack #space-guardians channel for more details and some photos (which Ayer graciously consented to pose for, with the explicit understanding that they might be added to the 86 page …)

Without getting into any more general discussion about the practice of adding photos onto the internet-accessible 86 page - I believe it would be advisable to at least print out one of the photographs of Ayer and post it by the top door entry widget so people will be more likely to recognize Ayer if he returns.