Thursday Packing / Moving (7/9/2020)

The plan so far:

Morning shift:
@the holding down the fort until around 12:00

Afternoon Shift
@themanmaran showing up around 12:00 and staying until 5:00 or 6:00PM

Interested parties:
@mana (around 11-12)
@fnord (morning -> noonish)

I’ll expand on this list as additional people express interest in stopping by. Remember we’re trying to keep max four people in the space at a time. So let me know what times you’d be interested in stopping by.

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Thanks, yeah I would like to stop by on Thursday around 11-12 or so, at least to clear out my locker, and I’m available to help pack up the music area maybe a little while I’m there, but can do more another day, just got some stuff going on that day.

I’ll be there in the morning for packing until noonish.

I should come by as well, as I have stuff there that I should get and hold on to for the time being.

Can you come by in the afternoon Mark? It seems like there will be 4 people at the space in the morning slot.

Maybe. I’m gonna be coordinating with Mana that day, actually, as we are planning on doing some work together.

I could step out for a while if another person needs to be there after 11 AM

2:00 pm for me.

Ok looks like we need some boxes!

I’d opt for these:

$0.98 a piece and they don’t get super heavy like the larger boxes (good for books, tools, etc.)

Edit: also the heavy duty alternative at a whopping $1.78:

Anyone got a car?

I’m going to come by in the AM with Mana. But we can switch out, like I can wait outside while they are in the space or whatever.

At the space now and will stick around until at least 6pm. Doorbell is busted but I put my number on the front gate.
Also here: 6782319992