Thoughts on cyberpunk guild

My gentle recommendation is that we adopt the name Cypherpunks to show solidarity with the Cypherpunks Write Code class, which has been running at Noisebridge for almost 3 years. They have a stable Mattermost chat instance and the Matterbridge, so we should have little trouble connecting their chat with our own on or or even this Discourse forum.

As a bonus, the latest update will allow us to directly federate with the project. We just need to update and connect with them!

There are quite a few Mattermost channels at dedicated to various programming projects, especially surrounding privacy, so we wouldn’t start with a ghost town.

But almost all those projects are inactive, and I am open to keeping the broader “cyberpunk” label; a “cypherpunk” is more niche and focuses almost exclusively on security/privacy/anonymity.

The most important thing is probably to take a step back and ask: what are we trying to accomplish?

I take it that Rando wants to use Unicorn for educational purposes, which would be great.

I definitely would love to see more people working on more ambitious projects – ones with a legitimate shot of changing the world for the better. People can learn from doing anything, so once people have nailed the basics, why not direct people toward doing important shit?

That’s my philosophy, at least. What are your goals with some sort of Cyberpunks Guild, all?

I’d love to see Noisebridge qualify for listing on or similar as an organization! This would entail offering fully open source resources to our community! Heck, we should offer a discuss forum for local community groups in the mission such as Mission Art Performance Project and Sunday Streets.

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I’ve purchased and will turn ownership over to Noisebridge. It can be used to help with community outreach.

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Let’s use that domain to do what you suggested to me earlier – host services for people in the SF Bay community!

Yep, there is an SSO plugin that allows github, Facebook, Twitter, gmail, and Slack to be used for logging into Discourse.

My intention is stated basically in the first post: working on NB projects and I will mentor people on the projects. But that’s just me, if anyone wants to do whatever go for it.

it would be cool to do more outward facing stuff for sure. I’ll continue with anyone who wants to do NB stuff and try to help people learn as I can. Maybe people are into tutoring others on Linux/shell too?

@elimisteve that practise git is awesome, thanks! I got pharicator working using the method you told me. I was thinking to have an organized project thing so people could tap in and out of projects and we would have continuity. I hope that helps your goals too.

I don’t suppose anyone knows.something similar for learning the Shell? can’t really tell them to go read the Linux admin guide these days…

What skills or technologies do you want to teach/mentor people on?

What ever is needed to work on the projects people want to do. The python classes go over all the core python topics, but people might want someone to ask direction questions.

I mean I don’t know, if people want to do a thing I can try to help, I don’t have a curriculum in mind.

Hey, I know! Here’s something rather simple to create that would help build up Noisebridge in a noticeable way:

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Thoughts and encouragement supplied by @gaardn and @metasyn! :raised_hands:

I think all punks should start referring to themselves as metalheads, to show solidarity with the metalheads, ya know?