This is the train thread. If you reply you must post a train or I will ban you for three hours


Not that I know of.

(Stephen C. Young, Ph.D.) #22

Ok I got a good one coming up once I finish my workout. Can I upload video? If so, what’s th3 max file size? If not, can you install some plugin so I can?


(Matt) #24


(tim) #25

(nicole) #26

I’mma lookin’ fer a laser training trainer on track to train another laser trainer to train other laser-folk. That’s where the train ends, though.

(Lady Red) #28

(Matt) #29


Really though, what are people’s feelings on bikes here

(Matt) #31

IF you sit in the bike car without bringing a bike I will be so insanely passive aggressive at you.


You have three hours to fix your post.

(Matt) #33

Do I have to fix the post or just post a train at some point, unclear.

(Matt) #34


Now you’ve got to fix two post’s.

(Matt) #36

Soul Train doesn’t count? gotta be KIDDING me.

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(James) #38

(Jarrod) #39

Glad to see this thread picking up some steam again.

(Tyler Maran) #40


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