The Noisebridge Gala Thread



If nobody else has done it by 5, I’ll grab liquor from across the street for tschunk

(Matt) #42

we have this booze

(Ryan Sternlicht) #43

I’m on my way back from Alameda with some of my good wine, I’ll be there by 545. And will pick up keg. Does anyone have a 15 gallon bucket?


Ahhhh, apparently I don’t know how to use Discourse :stuck_out_tongue: Signed up to greet from 6-8. Running slow and will be there ~6:30. See y’all soon. :sparkles:

(Ruth Grace Wong) #45

heyo, photographer asks: “One thing I like to do is add people’s names to the photo if I can. Do you know the names of the people hosting? performing? speaking? etc? I got a few but I’m missing the emcee with blue lipstick and the guy with the glasses reading from his phone.”

Based on the production schedule, I think the speaker who read from his phone and talked about Noisebridge as an emergent culture is Leonardo Escuerdo. Can anyone confirm? Also, what’s the name of the MC with the blue lipstick?

(Matt) #46

the MC is Eric Cash

(Mana) #47

Leonardo Escudero is the beatboxer, not the speaker. @nthmost has the speaker’s details

(Naomi Most) #48

The speaker is Benjamin Wachs, aka Caveat Magister. He is Burning Man Org’s Philosopher-in-Residence (appointed by Larry himself) and writes more than half of the articles that appear on the Burning Man Journal online. Links: