The Noisebridge Gala Thread

We’re having a Gala on April 26th. We were gonna have this last December but didn’t have the bandwidth for it, so we’re doing it this year instead.

Things we want to have:

  • A silent auction of art
  • Refreshments
  • Live art acts and experiences
  • 200 people in the space

I’ll be updating this thread as news comes around. Here’s a trello board too:

Work resumes on the Gala at next week’s fundraising meeting.

My homework from the last fundraising meeting I attended was to figure out if I had the bandwidth to organize this gala.

I do not. It would be irresponsible of me to take this on with all my billions of other obligations, including “not getting burnt out”.

So, this isn’t gonna happen anymore unless someone else can step up and take lead (and also show up to the weekly fundraising-wg meeting)

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Disregard my last post. Josef and I had a call today and we pruned down the gala plans by a lot, to the point now where I feel its actually doable and not way beyond the capacities of our current working set of noisebridgers. Here’s some notes copy and pasted from a google doc:

Core Strategy: To engage 100 people in a fundraising event with a structured ask for the first time.

Events are a good way to introduce people to Noisebridge.

Participation target: 100 people attending in person.

Event Structure:

7pm: party

9pm: auction limited to 10 items & raise the paddle

Potential Price Structure with outcomes @ 100 attendees:

Admission:              $15                     $1,500
Food                    free                      
Drinks                  $10-$20 avg/person      $1,500
Auction		          	10 items @ $250			$2,500
Raise the paddle        50 gifts (avg $100)		$5,000

Need to knows:

System for tracking people’s credit cards and tallying their money. Can be paper or technology.

Who is going to do the ask?

Levels for ask: $2,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $10

Keep Corey Doctorow stuff for now or use later?


Secure 5 money gifts in advance of the gala (pre-seeded paddles) one at each of your top levels. Top level to ask for: $2,000?

Get a match? 2 kinds of matches:

cash match at a level. Got someone to match all gifts or x number of gifts at a level, $10 particularly effective, because some people give again.

Total cash match: up to $20,000! (probably not going to happen at this event.)

Get people to bring their buddies and bosses, identify people to ask.

To Dos:

  • Victoria makes practice ask of josef.
  • Plan out some seeded donations.

Hey @pyconaut, would you happen to have a list of the vendors you were going to hit up for donations? This past meeting you also asked for people to give their input on what they’d like to see which is maybe easier for us to give if we know where you’re going.

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Going with the guild idea and @nthmost’s idea for getting made corporeal, what say we name the gala the Fundraising Guild Rent Party?


Aye, but more explicit: Keep a Roof Over Our Heads Party, brought to you by the Fundraising Guild.


Hey @VictorT whats this about comedians?


Oh wait, guests will be charged for entry to the gala?

Hm, then I guess this means that the fee for the permits cannot be waived. The permits’ fee can only be waived if the event is free of charge to the event.

The permits to hold the gala still need to be filled out.

I was going to do it, but as I started filling out the forms, I just realized that I will be busy during the weekend of April 27, so unfortunately I cannot go to the gala.

For that reason, I cannot put my name and contact info as the point of contact in the forms of the permits. It has to be the name and contact info of someone who will be physically present at the gala.

But yesterday, I was working on the guide on how to fill out the permit and who to contact for additional help / (and to waive the fee if entry to the event is free).

Here it is:

Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope that the guide is helpful.

Had to be that way, because whoever’s name and contact info appears on the forms will be the point of contact and/or the emergency contact that needs to be present during the event itself.


SVG QR code for the fundraising Gala

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Woah you can have gifs as profiles

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No, of course not. But contributing the recommended donation of $15 at the door is good karma.

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Gently Recommended donation of $15


This was mentioned at the meeting last night, but I think it would be good to have a co working session at Noisebridge to flesh out plans and details and do some work on the tasks that are remaining and what we come up with for the Gala.

I’m available to work on this on Friday evening after work or on Saturday, or possibly both. Anyone interested?

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Are there audio notes from the fundraising meeting I can listen to?

I can do Saturday

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Hi @kieryn, you’re running the auction, right? Anina asked on Twitter if she could donate jewelry for it:

Hmmm, my instinct is to say fill out the spreadsheet, alternately, whoever has the noisebridge handle could give them my email address?

Kieryn Darkwater

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      [Ruth Grace Wong](

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Hi @kieryn, you’re running the auction, right? Anina asked on Twitter if she could donate jewelry for it:

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Count me in to be here to help with the Gala all of this week. -Cheers.

hi @kieryn,
sorry, can you reply with or DM me your email address? I know I saw it before and that it has kieryn and darkwater in it but I’m having trouble digging it up.

Hey @Roboto! Can you fill out the volunteer sign-up for the day of?


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