The forum has moved to stable branch

Continuing the discussion from New discuss interface painfully slow :((:

We are now on Discourse’s Stable branch, which was made available on 5/18. Stable releases every 6 months as opposed to the bi-weekly updates from standard release (tests-pass). Please help keep an eye on the system since this process is not recommended due to zero day security concerns.

@lizzard and @culteejen have been promoted to full admin in case they need it since the other people mentioned already are. This will give you access to system setup for the plugins, etc.

Improvements and #help-wanted for the future!

  • As SuperQ has previously mentioned, we should convert #unicorn services over to Ansible as has been done on the infrastructure repo for #rack.
    • Will make everything reproducible should we encounter a disaster!
    • Learn how to join Unicorn here with an SSH key.
  • Roll out Multi-site support for Discourse so any new feature or upgrades can be done without taking the primary forum offline during future rebuilds.


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