The Elevator Is Now LOCKED OUT Due To Safety / Code Violations

Just a heads-up that, as promised on the main elevator discussion thread, I’ve locked-out the elevator in a way that would take far more than “a pair of bolt cutters” to reverse: I’ve jammed the left gate open using a $90 kryptonite bike lock - it would require two cuts and probably six grinder discs to get through.

There are only two keys to this lock - and I’ve ground the serial numbers off them so they can’t be duplicated.

These keys need to go to people willing to come down to the space and remove the lock when an actual elevator company does show up. I’ve given one key to Ryan. Who’s willing to look after the second one?

@themanmaran, @nthmost, @ruthgrace, @gaardn …volunteers?

It can’t be be. I have too much going on in my life right now.


I’ll take it. Coming in to sew in the evening. Meaning to work on landlord with this after lease is signed and we are no longer financially responsible (probably in the next week).