The CRO-100 / Streaming

Hey, I’m new to the area. I am in the middle of an electronics project. I am making a physical version of the fictional TIS-100 computer featured in the game of the same name. This essentially boils down to building an 11bit CPU without using FPGAs. You can find out more about the project here: GitHub - croepha/CRO-100: Handmade TIS-100 compatible computer

Anyway, previously I was streaming the work live on twitch: Twitch

There are some recent videos that are archived there, that you can check out to get an idea of what the project entails…

So, the crux of this post is that I am wanting to continue streaming from Noisebridge. I have talked to a few people there the two times I have visited and there was pretty much all positive reactions to the idea, but I wanted to put a post here to get some more feedback… There are still quite a few unknowns before I get started in earnest, like I need to test the internet to see if streaming is viable, and also I’ll probably need to do some engineering to make camera mount or something and probably other stuff to figure out too. But the main things that concern me are privacy and noise…

First, if i’m streaming, then it’s likely that anyone talking near by will get picked up on the stream and broadcasted. This may not be what everyone is comfortable with…

Second, if i’m streaming, and interacting with people in the chat, I may talk with them on an on-going basis, which may disrupt other people…

With that said, If I can pull it off, I am also interested in ideas other people have, or if other people want to be involved in anyway… And also are there ways that I can use the stream to give back to Noisebridge?

Thanks :slight_smile: and happy hacking

That sounds like a really awesome project.

I can tell you that the noisebridge internet is great for streaming as we have 10Gigibit internet overall, and most computers get 200Mb down 100Mb up. I have done a 10 hour 1080p livestreams at noisebridge at 15000kb and it only had two hickups at 9 hours 30 minutes and 9 hours 57 minutes. We even have a dedicated streaming computer and a few good cameras.

Ahh nice! It will be really nice to use those resources, I was dreading carrying an expensive camera at night… I guess I’ll look/ask around the space to see if I can find those resources

When are you in the space I can help show you all the gear.

Cool, thanks man