The Broken Shit Log

I keep hearing about shit that gets broken at Noisebridge. It bums me out, but maybe lets document it?

Today I discovered:

  • A pair of multimeter leads ripped out of their probes
  • A lamp on the sewing machines had its 2 prong plug cut off, rendering it unusable.

Please add more to this thread as we find things.

The laser cutter has been broken for a long time :frowning:

But once all the broken parts are replaced, we will have spares of everything that broke, since we ordered multiples. So hopefully we’ll have much better uptime going forward!

We also need to add signage on the laser cutter, since both this time and the time before, it was broken due to something hitting the metal adaptor for the air hose, and the safe way to run it is to always have that adaptor facing straight towards the user when the focus is being adjusted.

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We have received (currently stored in my locker, #12):
2x Laser Head
5x Brass air hose adaptor

and have ordered 2x lens. One is going to Theo’s home address (tracking number 1z970X220334262679) and the other was received by N. BIRNIE at Noisebridge but we haven’t been able to find the package (tracking number 1z970X220300687140). As far as we can tell, once we get a lens we’ll be able to get the laser running again.

We ask questions about the laser cutter and order replacement parts through WeChat. Currently it’s just Matt and I on there but if anyone else is interested in laser maintenance and has WeChat, it’ll be better to have more redundancy there.

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I’m gonna add another thing I know of that has been fucked for way too long: the kitchen sink. We still don’t have hot water, or even two faucet knobs, and it looks like the drain is about to go when I looked at it last night.

But also, to balance out the negativity here, I wanna give (belated) mad props to @rando for getting the hack shelves cleaned up. We need more of that!

2 Monoprice selects need calibrating
The Robo3D needs to be brought up and checked.
The dork room needs clearing and a use case
The cnc mill that was put in the dirty shop needs to be moved to the metal shop and the motors installed
Disc sander needs paper (ok im getting into minor shit i guess)
Ordibooth needs it’s shit fixed (I’m on it, 80% done, ask me about New Flaschen Taschen Integration)
The leather sewing machine may need servicing
LEDs on the flaschen taschen need replacing
Membership needs to be abolished
The west wall in Turning needs to be removed
All machines (including rasp pis) need imaging so we can replace shit that gets fucked easily

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This has got to go

The noisesquare hasn’t lit up in ages.

The AV box is fuxxored in Turing, which also smells of toxic fumes all the time.

Remember when Church had a projector? I do.

We depend on this box for solid internet access. Someone fucked up the lock and since then the internet has been slowly dismantled and is often fucked. Need a new lock and kit on this.

Gate door no longer automatically closes. The spring is way too long for some reason.

Sad phone is sad

Charlie is gonna phreak all the phones. The white phone on top is current holding place for the red phone. He’s going to create/get a PBX for teh space(naomi don’t you know this stuff??) to make it FUN

What are all the broken parts that need replacing? Do we need to order any?