The Bounty System

So last night at the weekly, we brainstormed the idea of creating a “bounty system” for random tasks and such that people want done at the space.

The idea is that any Noisebridger or group of Noisebridgers could post a bounty for a task and pay whoever does it. As far I think I understand it, this would be peer-to-peer transaction only and the terms fully defined by the bounty-poster and fullfiller. The extent to which they’d like to document the contract and how they want payment to work would be between them.

The current implementation is simply: post a task on the Noisebridge Trello board (Trello) with a bounty listed in the title. Then if you want to accept the task, reply with a comment and then work out payment/task completion details offline.

Consider this an RFC for the idea. Submit your thoughts here!