The big pre-gala meeting



Continuing the discussion from The Noisebridge Gala Thread:


The gala is just under two weeks away. We need to all get together and make sure things are nailed down. Stuff like how the day will go, who is bringing what and when, etc.

I’d like to propose this Saturday at 3pm. Does that work for folks?

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(Mana) #2

Great :+1: That works for me.

(Jarrod) #3

This works for me.

(Tyler Maran) #4

Cool with me

(Jarrod) #5

I just realized we can check the “going” button at the top.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #6

Heads up people that I know were interested in the fundraising on boarding meeting (@James @_ar @mpmckenna8 @Mark ) – you should come to this if you’re available today at 3pm! We have a lot of gala tasks that we need people for.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #7

I emailed everyone who RSVP’d for the fundraising on boarding meeting via, to let them know about the pre-gala meeting today.


Anyone able to also participate by google hangouts? in particular @ruthgrace :j