The 660th Meeting of Noisebridge, 2021-12-21

  • BOARD ELECTIONS are coming up! The elections will be Jan 22. In order to nominate someone (including yourself) for the 2022 Board of Noisebridge, sign up to run for the board! 2022 board election - Noisebridge Are you a member? Please let Lizzard know on slack, email, discord, wherever, if you want to vote in the board election.

  • Electrical work - Ryan L is getting quotes. Thank you !!

  • Toilet - pyconaut is trying to source the PERFECT TOILET. It will be like a cleanly, touchless, many optioned BUTT NIRVANA.There will also be new curtains on the front windows, maybe, against the cold.

  • 3D Printing needs maintainers and event organizers! Noisebridge is has gotten a super powerful large multi-material printer donated that people will want to learn. It has a one broken heating element that pyconaut has more information about!

  • Noisebrew is starting soon and accepting funding and equipment donations! Add your name to the wiki page if you’re interested in participating or helping. ONGOING

  • Fundraising is planning a NB14 14th anniversary grand reopening fundraiser. Groups at Noisebridge can prepare and exhibit things for it. Add your ideas to the wiki. Help plan at fundraising meetings during Doocratic Thursdays 6-9PM. ONGOING

  • Donation Sign project to build an LED-powered version of the 2169 signage has a mockup draft design and is requesting feedback on the wiki. Talk with lxpk!!