Terrible Start-up night

like 5mof, you have 5-10mins to pitch your shitty start-up idea. Should have visuals?
At the end of each pitch, people can “invest”. Or maybe at the end of the night we have jars for each start up and people vote by investing.
All monies go to charity. So people can put in like $50 if they want. ?

and for clarity, the idea is they are shitty start-ups for laffs


Blake once did an amazing one at 5mof but I just went through our YouTube and I don’t think it was recorded :sob:
There was definitely blockchain involved


Yaaaaas! When would you like to do this?

hrm. If we schedule it after Stupid Shit, people could bring their prototypes. I’m not sure if there will be too much overlap tho. Like they shouldn’t be just presenting their thing, but producing a pitch for the company that does the thing. Thoughts @ruthgrace?

Noisebridge Jumps the Shark Tank?
Silicon Valley Jumps the Shark Tank?

Maybe we can invite “celebrity” Sharks to ask questions. Maybe we should have a suggested 10 slide pitch deck template.

I’d like to squeeze some low budget production value for the sake of pagentry so maybe 1 more week of ideation and then schedule?

Sure! Let’s keep this separate from Stupid Shit demos, since those will A) take a long time and B) be stuff that people actually made. Stupid Shit demos are scheduled for Sunday March 10th, 1-3PM.

I think it’d be really fun to have this comedy pitching event Saturday night March 9th during the stupid hackathon, maybe 7-10PM? And depending on resourcing we can go all out with having a bar. I probably have too much on my plate to help with coordination, but I’m happy for you to add it as part of the agenda for Stupid Shit if you’d like, and I’m also working on trying to get an OpenCast donation for streaming equipment with James in time for the Sunday demos (which also can be used on Saturday for your event if the equipment gets here in time). Just keep me posted on what you decide re: scheduling :slight_smile:

Ok, yeah, makes sense.

I might do a separate night then, maybe take over a 5mof. I think trying to organize the first one in the middle of another event will stress me out.

maybe 2 5mofs from now we can theme it as bad startup pitch night/jump the shark tank. I see how 5mof regulars feel about it.

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It might actually be less stressful because a bunch of interested people will already be in the space for it. If you decide to do it during stupid hackathon, I can schedule some social media (tweets and Facebook) about it for you since I scheduled it all for stupid hackathon anyways. Just let me know

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