Telling Stories to Share Values

Telling Stories to Share Your Values

We use “reasons” to try to convince people to support our work all the time. Research into human behavior and economics over the last 30 years has shown that people respond best to stories. By sharing emotionally charged stories, we can better communicate our values and gain joyful and committed supporters.

  1. Think about the most emotionally intense positive experience you’ve had with Noisebridge. OR, think about these two questions: how did you get involved in Noisebridge? Why are you still involved?

  2. Share that story with someone.

  3. Ask them what the three top feelings they experience while listening to your story and what values they believe you hold.

a. Feelings:
b. Values:

  1. Draft a new version of your story centered around these feelings and values. Think of them as landmarks that you will emphasize as you tell your story.

Hi all,
Thanks for participating in the story workshop today! I’ve collected the four stories emailed to here: