Target move-out date? 8/31? (no, 9/15)

So it’s about time to give 30 days notice on 2169.

We have the final executed lease, and the insurance certificate. The last thing to do is cut a check. And then we’ll have keys to 272 Capp.

My suggestion is to set the move out date for 8/31/2020.

The big question, can we move most of our stuff in 30 days?

I say most, because the elevator still doesn’t work. And my conversations with Brian (landlord) usually end with “yeah we’ll probably have to call Otis”. But I highly doubt he has placed any calls yet.

If we set a moveout date for 8/31, that means we’re done paying rent that day. And if we’re bottle-necked by the elevator, 2169 effectively becomes free tool storage until Brian pays for it to be fixed.

Maybe 9/15 or 9/30? Assuming keys on 8/1, 31 calendar days equates to around 12 working days amidst a pandemic. I haven’t been to NB lately and don’t know how far along we are with packing. Perhaps 12 days is possible, but having more buffer could be nice.

If you allow me to comment, just sign the date for 8/31 and state the date. People best work under pressure for this kind of painful constraint. You could even put 12/31, people who are willing to help, will start packing up at the last minute on 12/30.

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I thought moving was contingent on pandemic subsiding? Looking at the current stats, it’s still getting worse in California. It doesn’t seem like this is a safe time to be doing any physical moving.

Well I don’t particularly think we could have the place empty by 8/31 either. But I also don’t think the elevator will be repaired until it’s absolutely required.

Another primary concern is not paying rent in two locations.

As far as logistics though. I feel like a majority of the stuff could be moved in one month. Assuming no time spent re-assembling it at the new location. Just picking it up and carrying it over. Sorting later.