SuperTuxKart back up

I have restored SuperTuxKart nearly to its former glory, minus anybody’s local user data that got lost in the OS change that happened and anything we unlocked or any installed add-ons. Setting up the wheels is not straightforward and I did it initially when Justin and I set up the station, so I thankfully remembered most of how to do it. I have documented how to properly set up the wheels to work with TuxKart in the wiki:

Happy racing!


Update: Post Tournament, I have fixed the controllers again and updated the wiki with the proper config. Both controllers now match the settings that @tim had set for has for his preferred controller (the Xbox one) so that they are consistent (and functional).

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New 0.10 release client includes LAN and online multiplayer!

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@James thanks for the update! We’ve been using the 0.10 beta to get the vertical split screen