Super Tuesday 09.15.MMXX

Good morn’n hacker p33p’z! Sort’n, move’n cleaning is underway, and our usual weekly meeting is tonight. Could be the last chance to have one or two folks represent from 2169 as well as Capp St. driveway.

Did a 180 on the back of the ground floor, here’s a before and after…

Looking for more hands throughout the day to finish scoop’n and clean’n bits at mission, and hauling the rest of what we can sans elevator.

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In the meantime you can monitor the dumpster in real-time

And of course there is our pre-meeting at 7pm and meeting meeting at 8pm

The zoom room is open now with a cam in to the #fort @Capp

Air Quality has upgraded to Moderate, Social Distanced Driveway anyone?

I’d be down! I can come over and just work on various things until people arrive.

Great we here (@Roboto) , Mission and Capp, start at Capp for some pancakes and a key if ya need either.