Sunset and After of December 4th Hannukah. on a practical level, this means frying things and celebrating light. I want to fry things for hannukah and invite people to fry things as well

Things to fry include:
various things in tempura
the list goes on but i have run out of ideas

i’m thinking this should get done on saturday which is one of the last days of hannukah. the only thing that i’d need to know is if there is propane for the burner or if i should obtain some. i’ll buy oil, veggies, and simple drop doughnut ingredients

There is proprane for A burner. We do not have A burner. There were talks about getting a burner for the brew setup, but that has not manifested yet. We do however have a pot that can be used, and like I said a half a tank of propane.

A burner is needed for brewing as well right? If that’s the case I can also obtain that. Maybe that’s better talked about as a fundraiser thing in the meeting on Tuesday, but if that doesn’t happen i’ll just get one. What size of burner would the propane can work with?

Hmm Kabocha is pretty good to fry.
Shishito peppers too.
Honestly Duc Loi grocery will have a lot that can be deep fried…

Thinking corn oil? Canola? or other?

Hmm plantains maybe… or even… bananas…

oh my those are all amazing ideas, and yeah, the cheapest, highest smoke point oil was my thought

Actually I wouldn’t mind trying a chow mein. But that would require more of a wok than a deep fryer… And not too much oil…

Kind of interested in this whole idea. :smiley:

Edit: As for cooking oil. Duc Loi would also be good and affordable. Save you from carrying too much…

We need the following:
Propane burner
3 Gallons of Peanut Oil
Strainer to retrieve the goods.(Mesh spider)
The goods.


Some ppl are allergic to peanuts, so maybe corn oil?
Otherwise, sounds good.


@gaardn to supply a burner for the oil. ETA 3:30p.m today.

Will this be at the makerspace/is it open to everyone?

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Yes, this will be at the Noisebridge (makerspace) on Capp St. It is open to everyone.
It would be nice to bring something you want to deep fry, or otherwise some drinks or snacks, or otherwise donate to Noisebridge, though it is not obligatory.

Hope to meet you later then. :slight_smile:

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