Sunday 27 September 2020 ... PEPPER YERSELFS !1!

I’ve been lead to believe that the one thing 2169 owner cares about NB getting tf out of there is the laser cutter vent assembly. This happens to be chock full of hazardous dust (? or condensed tars - anyway seriously carcinogenic … despite being lovingly sourced from only the finest vaporized wood and plastics over the years).

So if anyone is going to deal with that, better if they know what they’re doing and come prepared with appropriate protective gear.

Yesterday JD and John B. removed the fume hood over where the kiln used to be, thereby clearing the way to the area over the bathrooms where the laser fume duct runs to a vent above the bathroom window.

The bulbs have been removed from the fluorescent light fixtures so they can be more safely swung out of the way of the other end of the ducting (thanks @Rayyan).

There is still plenty of (relatively) non-toxic heavy lifting to do as well as a few fiddly bits left to be detached from walls and ceilings - volunteers for any and all areas of endeavor to facilitate will be muchly appreciated!


tl;dr: looking for an intrepid crew of shit-kicking volunteers ready to kick some shit around 2169 today :slight_smile:

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thanks James - no worries, still plenty left to do (especially now moar organizing and building out the new space).

I think we’re in pretty good shape at 2169 now due to some sustained (and hopefully sustainable!) efforts of a decent handful of dedicated hackers who’ve been taking care of business over the last several days.

If we can keep going at this pace then I reckon we might be able to be totally done with cleanup and out of there in … I dunno maybe a few weeks or whenever :smile:

If it really needs to get done sooner then either need more volunteers to show up more often - or alternatively NB might look to hire some competent help with a few remaining items.

Here’s how we left 2169 tonight:

The curtains and much of the random stuff on the ceiling have been taken down (thanks @gwen!)

Some heavy items remaining: lockers, tables, kiln …

Note the “Noise” table legs have embedded electrical outlets and don’t seem to be amenable to easy detachment, so best to plan on maneuvering this one out the door and down the stairs “as is”

Scary monsters in the Turing room (“Can machines think?” lol) …

And the carcinogenic elephant in the room, still firmly attached to the ceiling of Sparkleforge:

I don’t know exactly how this particular item is going to get dealt with - if any competent hackers have experience in the “careful removal of hazardous ductwork” then seems doable - otherwise maybe NB should consider hiring professionals to do the needful. I imagine it represents some potential (hopefully limited) liability for NB if it is left for the landlord, so … would be good to figure this one out sooner rather than later.


I’ll be here again Thursday

Right oh! I’m going to swing by in 1 hour.

I’ll swing by in the next half hour to help.

edit: Seems no one was around to open the door at either location. Waited about 45 minutes and left. Good luck.


Do you need any moving help for the rest of this week?