Sunday 06 September 2020

will be at Capp for a few hours around noon - can facilitate access for anyone stopping by to help Move All The Things …

notes from yesterday:

  • grabbed the two grab bars from 2169 bathroom - these are now in the downstairs bathroom at 272 (plan is to install just one grab bar downstairs - a foldable one will go on other side of toilet)
  • moved many computers from Church - there are half a dozen (maybe just cases) still left under a table ready to go down the chute
  • moved “green screen” floor pads and some board games - repacked the big box into several smaller ones - those are ready to go out the window
  • I broke the ramp doing some extra janky moves - note for future reference probably better to hand-carry folding tables rather than have them go off the rails coming down the ramp. Rikke fixed the rails etc and refastened the ramp on the 272 side, should be fine to use again
  • stealth hacker Jay popped into help, materializing seemingly out of nowhere LIKE SOME KIND OF ANTIFA NINJA ASSASSIN :smile: … They now have a set of keys to 2169 so may be able to help arrange access going forward (@JC on slack)
  • there is a serious amount of work left to be done. I would be surprised if we’re even halfway there. Seems like several hundred cubic meters of stuff that might fit through the window, box by box - a pair of movers might be able to do a few cubic meters per hour down the ramp if boxes are packed and ready to go on the 2169 side.