Sulfuric Acid Neutralized

Acid was neutralized. It is now drying as a thick paste, then will be thrown away in a blue 5 gallon bucket currently drying on the fire escape.

Also, chemistry shelving and random bits on the shelving removed from Turing room, and placed at Noisebridge entrance so they can be swiftly disposed of.


Are we keeping the shelf and non chem items? If not I know a couple of hackerspaces and non-profits that may want them.

@james don’t throw out yet.

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Also if that’s ultra pure water it’s super valuable and we should definitely ask Counter Culture labs if they want it.

Heading over now. Will be there in 40.

Cool, nothing has gone anywhere yet. Thanks for taking initiative @tim, as it would be great to pass to a loving home.

Update on bucket of paste: Consensus was that it was safe enough to throw out, so we have put it in the garbage and are now completely done with it.


We have these assorted good from the shelf. What to do with them?

  • Screwdrivers returned to dirty shop
  • Dry erase markers moved to Turing boards.
  • Plaster of Paris moved to kiln.

@hzeller is that your laser cutter’s blue tubing?

Ah, yes, this looks like it. I think I don’t need the blue tubing anymore, but the square fan-thing that is also in that box, is also part of the Laser. So if this is not gone yet, can I haz @gaardn ?

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Of course! @James if it’s okay with you, I’ll grab the square fan thing in the box this weekend?

@gaardn this?

@hzeller is that the box you want?

Yes @gaardn , thanks, this looks like it has all the air-venting parts that I need for the laser cutter :).

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