Successful Mediation today by Tyler

I want to commend Tyler for mediating a tense situation today. The out come was that both parties co-existed the space without further issue.

Successful mediation is a great thing. Thank you, Tyler, it was a great example for us.


I wouldn’t necessarily call it “mediation” basically this person went apeshit on me for no good reason and started swearing at me. I asked them to leave and they definitely deserved to leave.

Then, this person basically refused to leave and people said ok what should we do since he is still here. This whole situation elevated my heart rate and stressed me out for over an hour and I basically did not feel comfortable in the area they were in. Completely unfair and shitty.

This person did not ever apologize and I’m overall not happy about the outcome although I voluntarily said I’m willing to let it go if this person has idiosyncrasies that cause them to blow up and start swearing at people (i.e. if they have some mental instability I should have some compassion).

This is not a behavior I would like to nurture in the space. In the future if someone is asked to leave and do not leave I would like (1) some better guidance about the ramifications if someone is asked to leave and they do not leave, and/or (2) for them to be identified publicly so they do not continue this behavior unchecked.

Much appreciated.