Submissions for Reimagine Death Festival

Hi all, I’d like Noisebridge to be a part of the Reimagine Death festival happening from October 24th through November 3rd. It is an event for us to examine and evaluate our feelings on death. Would anyone else like to take part in this?

I’d like to present ‘Expeditious Intent’, which is my 60 minute theatrical solo show about death. Just perform it in the hackitorium.

Would others like to present as well? Or host a talk? Or something else? We would offer the whole thing free to the public and fundraise a bit for the space + the remLet’s do this! I think we could do a couple dates.

Let me know what you think!


I know I would like to participate. I help at a local film festival called Legacy film festival on aging. And always like discussions and events around aging, death, and how it affects people. It sounds like a really cool idea