Stuff at Noisebridge

Hey all in co-ordination with the Provisional Ministry of Contagion, a “Clean Sweep” is under way at 2169 Mission, working it’s way from the West Wall all the way to the East, and ultimately hauling what’s left out the door.

Here’s a quick interactive version of “what the heck is that?”.

As we continue to pack, clean and move, be sure to label your projects with a nym, contact, date and final destination. If at all possible co-ordinate with those who have already volunteered to help move, to reduce the number of people needed in the space.

Untagged item #0 baseboard elements of some kind:

Can anyone claim origin or knowledge of these, and classify them as recyclable, trash, or specific purpose and plan?

@mcscope found this bin amongst others with your name on it. I also contact a Lisa with their name on one of them and they are possibly picking some of it up later this afternoon

@Keiarra @kinnard the lit hydro bin has been moved closer to the flashentachen, and would be great if this had a label and contact information along with instructions for care:

Additional unlaballed pipes, cooler, bucket and misc found around the hydro and West wall, can someone clarify what belongs where and classify uses:

ThanX all! Happy hacking/cleaning

Some additional stuff identified last trip, still looking for a sort and pack task steward of the sewing area in the northwest corner.

Materials rack

Main sewing table and bolts

Library and supplies

There’s also a pegboard and rack of smaller machines, aside from the jukis

@Zach there might be some parts your interested in here, and if you particular thoughts on hows this stuff gets moved @ahmadao and others are also pretty familiar with some of the 3D printers

Is the recent SMD donation mentioned?

These were in proximity to the pick n place during the last large, I remember a slightly different possibility orange one though too.

3D printer control boards

RC Servo braille project (I’m interested in reviving this one)

Tagging on. Here is a disassembled metal lathe. I gathered most of the pieces I could find. But I’m not convinced it is repairable. If someone would like to adopt, that would be fine. But it’s looking a lot like scrap metal.

@the yes the first image (black bin) is a recent donation from Synapse. There were three large boxes full of them and I believe sorted by @Roboto .

Excellent work @the!! Looks like you found part of the pick-and-place machine parts!

Any sign of the cameras? @Roboto do you want to help me construct whats left here and do TLC?

I can help sort SMD parts at some point. I imagine the stuff in the black bin will be useful once we can sort it.

Would it be possible to drop-in the space this weekend? Seems it is time to start moving out our personal projects, etc.

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