Getting to the endgame at 2169 soon … Will be there tomorrow (Saturday) around noon - looking for a few volunteers for whatever’s clever (not necessarily heavy lifting but yeah some heavy lifting too)

Here’s where we’re at as of Friday night 20201002:

Many many tables, lockers, etc - consolidated near stairs

Sparkleforge still work in progress

Note pictured above: laser’s danger noodle detached, bagged, tagged, and ready for removal. Probably should put a plank over the hole in exterior wall before pigeons establish residence in the crawlspace above the bathrooms, (WHAT WOULD JOE BLACK DO?)

Kiln, fume hood, moar ducting, and a stupid heavy bandsaw or something:

Monsters liberated from the Turing Machine Room … some ridiculously heavy shit - plan on at least 3 or 4 people for some of these

Good news is that 2169 is mostly empty space now …

special bonus feature - Heroes of Thursday!

extended dance remix: SECURING TEH BANDERSNATCH!

Thanks @the @Mork @culteejen @Jddurst David Lopez and friend Tom for MASSIVE EFFORT MOVING THE PROJECT FORWARD all this week to help get us to where we are today …

almost home free! :slight_smile:

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