Status of Flaschen Taschen?

What is the status of Flaschen Taschen at this time?

Status: Fully disassembled and palatalized in temporary storage out of the way, mostly on the ground floor.

There has been talk of building a new modular platform on wheels, this has not been fully sketched out and the source for the wheels/casters has been nixed.

I think the general inclination is to rebuild the full size version on the ground floor in the space. There is more input and people needed to create some consensus on exactly where and how.

@carl is one of the more knowledgeable with respect to what needs to happen and has been hands on with the various builds.

For short recap, we built a small version last year at 272 and had it setup near the front of the space. As we have been working towards opening, there was a big re-arrange that cleared up space, and the ft was moved in part of that effort making the front of the space more usable.

In the very near term I’d like to see another minimal version running, like a 1x8 across the top of the lockers or somewhere visible but generally out of the way to get more people familiar with and working on the setup.

One of the other open questions is then what, how much do we want to account for it to be able to change or be moved and used at other events. This was a very rare occasion for the likes of Maker Faire, though it’s an opportunity for noisebridge to have a presence at any number of events if volunteers are interested in the work to make that happen, and we’ve received donations in the past specifically to bring parts of noisebridge like ft to other events.

So in closing, the status is ft is parked, awaiting more excellent volunteers to self organize and rebuild something bigger and better.

Call for 2021 team ft? Other than Carl and myself a few folks have worked on it over the years and many more have showed an interest if they want to join the thread.

In reflection here’s a video of the last functional version at 272: Flaschen Taschen 6x4 crate demo. - YouTube

Thank you so much! That’s a great summary & look forward to joining team ft. Have hacked on it here-and-there and would love to learn more about the hardware behind it.