State of the Elevator, according to the inspection office

Hello happy hackers,

I called the branch responsible for elevator inspections in our region (SF).

Here is the information I had to reveal:

  • what building I am calling about (exact address)

Here’s the information I gathered:

We can get a full history of inspections, repairs, and complaints by emailing this address:

They needed the building address to be able to look up our COMMAND NUMBER, which we need to send the request for documentation.

Our Command Number is 0126140

FYI the elevator is officially listed as “Out of Service”.

My next move is to email this address and request the full history of documentation. They said this is the recommended path.

The letter I will send, pending comment from all of you:

Dear Fine People At the Elevator Inspection Office,

I’m on the board of a nonprofit that requires ADA accessibility at 2169 Mission St.

Right now our elevator is Out of Service. Our Command Number is 0126140.

We would like to request a History of Documentation for this elevator.

For various reasons it has been difficult to get an elevator company to complete repairs on this elevator. It would be very useful for us to see a history of inspections on this elevator, along with any documented complaints, repairs, etc.

We’re trying very hard to help our landlord get this elevator up to code. Thanks for any and all assistance you can provide.


Naomi Most
Board Member
Noisebridge Hackerspace


Wording looks good to me personally. Very concise request for information.

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Positive tone. Hits all the key points. Nothing anyone could take offense at. The “we’re a non-profit in a jam” angle might get things expedited.

I like it.


OK, great!

I’m feeling out a process for good executive function here, so before I send this email, let’s ask ourselves some questions for practice…

  1. What’s the risk this communication could endanger Noisebridge in some way? (low, medium, high, insanely high)

  2. What is the outcome we want from this communication?

  3. What difficulty level might we assess here in terms of crafting the message to get the desired outcome? (easy, moderate, hard, insanely hard)

  4. Might there be “side effects” from sending this communication? (e.g. triggering more attention on us)

  5. (…any more questions you can think of…)

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Can I email connect you to the landlord to coordinate?

Coordinate what? I’m just asking the city for documents about the elevator right now.

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I think maybe she means your #4 could be a real thing so keep Brian in the loop

In theory it shouldn’t be a thing but you know how these things can go

np, i wont email intro you. brian is ultimately responsible for the elevator snafu with the city.

Has any progress been made on this?
It’s been over two weeks.
I’ve actually had to buy a (very expensive) membership at Humanmade, as my new scooter is too heavy to carry up 2 stories worth of stairs.

have you considered a pulley system?

Knowing the elevator inspectors …they’d probably cite us for it… :joy:


Yeah the pulley union is pretty strict in SF.

Hey @nthmost, did you ever send that email to the inspection office?

If not, I think that now would be a good time to do so. Brian has indicated to me that the elevator is ‘all good’. But I would really like to see 3rd party verification of that before we let anyone use it.

Currently it has caution tape covering the doors, as it is functional and powered on, but I’m not certain it is legally operable. Not too long ago the Advanced Elevators repair guy turned it on and gave us the all good, right before the state inspector came back and slapped more violations on it.

I did send that email, a good month ago. I have not gotten a reply.

Not too long ago the Advanced Elevators repair guy turned it on and gave us the all good, right before the state inspector came back and slapped more violations on it.

When was that?

Around two months ago. Here are the notices from the inspector as of last visit.


Oh I thought you meant more recently than that.

In all seriousness though, would it be impractical to rig up some sort of pulley/tow rope system and maybe some stowable ramps so we could at least aid people in wheel chairs?

I didnt clarify - I was thinking of lifting things up through the front windows from the sidewalk ( for equipment not people)! But you’re right some sort of rail/pulley system could be studied to bring chairs up. I dont know the etiquette of offering someone a piggyback ride but that would work too (if I didnt smell like a dog thay day). I guess there’s another transport thing called a Litter that might work as well. Would feel really bad if something went wrong though. Https://