State of the bridge(s) 9/20/20

Thanks to varying array of hands we’ve had ongoing progress and several areas are shaping up Capp. We still more hands to carry tables, shelves and doors out of mission and have one volunteer so far for tomorrow, and several of us planning on Tuesday as well.

Most of the large items and things in this thread still need dealing with Friday 9/18 move it and dump it!

The laser has been broken down with substantial effort from @alchemist and we moved all the sub 100 pound bits including laser tube to Capp. I’m looking for some specific hardware requests from alchemist to build a heavy duty dolly to transport the laser into the elevator when available, and around the block which will also require disassembling the gate.

Rayyan (sp?) made solid headway clearing the ceiling and more cleanup/moving and is back at it tomorrow.

David L. got a bank of cleaned up and humming 3D printers.

Here is the current state of room 3, aka: music and computer/monitor parking

@Roboto and silver moved the big craft table to room 1

Robot and David have also been doing a ton of sorting in room 2 with a wall of electronics bins, and 3d printer rehab

I’ve got the laser tube and hackatorium av parked under the back stairs

some more pix from today, from 2169:

Hackerz on Ladders!

Precious Artifacts Discovered and Recovered!

Some Lingering Lockers etc:

(Almost) Empty Space Now Where teh Lazer Cutter Used to Be …

Some Shelving Disassembled:

Moar Random Hackerstuff Awaiting Vigorous Defenestration!

Sparkleforge: A Freakishly Heavy Table Has Been Removed, Kiln and Vent Stuff Still Remain …

Substantial Decluttering of the “Waiting for GodotOtis” Elevator Queue:

Special thanks to @Eli_Sako, Rayyan, and @Chaz, who spent much quality time Taking Care of Business at 2169 today. And to @ahmadao and Grant and everyone else who stopped by to help carry some stuff - hope to see moar people chipping away and getting the rest done over the next few daze …