Sponsorship for OhMyForm and hosting their demo instance

It turns out OhMyForm, the active fork of previously mentioned TellForm (A very nice Google Forms alternative), is seeking an open source sponsor to host their demo docker instance and have it reset it’s data every day or so. I would love to donate hosting on our Unicorn server from Dallas, TX as it is fully capable of handing these needs. I’m linking the dev of OhMyForm to this thread so there can be discussion. Either way, I think it is an exciting proposal for both Noisebridge and for OhMyForm. Sponsoring an open project is an excellent way to fulfill our mission statement.

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This strikes me as a great idea! Do we know how much traffic that server is likely to get? Is it clear why they don’t just pay $5/month for a DO server/instance/droplet?

Response from OhMyForm:

Hello and nice to be invited here and thanks for the generous offer I hope that we can all mesh well together for a long healthy and happy future creating an opportunity for others through free libre open-source software.

I can technically go and get a DO or Vultr droplet or three for a swarm cluster, its not absolutely mission-critical for OhMyForm.com to get a dedicated box, however, we could do CI/CD on a bigger box and unfortunately I already blew my budget for experimental projects on the $9 .com I mostly posted a question on Reddit to see if there were any free options that cloud providers give to projects like OhMyForm that can let us get sponsored servers in return for tutorials written for their services with OhMyForm etc. However, a number of people including NoisebridgeDOTInfo dropped some offers that should be considered carefully.

Typically, I’m into coexistent relationships rather than codependent relationships where we hold each other up rather than looking for what we can get from one another.

I’m not in a huge rush to make long term commitments just yet. As the whole project is still solidifying its perspective on what it’s plans are as of yet. There have been a number of people interested in a NextCloud kind of business model where it’s pure open source plus consulting. Where we end up creating jobs for people through our mutual effort. Or just simply publish a fun thing for people to use.

One of the things I don’t want is to be constantly maintaining the demo instances for a FOSS project that was just a for-fun thing with no goal to create jobs. Perhaps if we do get this box as our launching platform we could use it to host a number of early-stage instances for any open-source contract workers to host their QA sites on.

I’m very open for discussion and we typically do most of our chatting about the ethos and goals on our Discord from the website on Contact | OhMyForm

Thanks for the offer and I look forward to hearing from you all. :slight_smile: ```