Space is a hot mess

The space is in a really bad state of entropy. Probably the worst i’ve seen in 6 months.

So this part isn’t a mess, exactly, but if you’re going to move an area, move whole thing.

Likewise these books are just tossed on the floor:

And where these bag chairs make perfect sense in fox lounge, they are just taking up space on the ground.

Someone moved the vinyl cutter already, which is great, because obviously that whole area was blocked off when it was there. But now which computer is the vinyl cutter going to use? The vinyl and cutter appear to sill live where the new lounge is.

Hack shelves are a disaster, and everything is dumped in the accessable pathway.

There’s broken wood by the podium, and this table is here blocking the path.

That new table on the left side of the pic isn’t secured properly. The top just comes off when you move the table.

There’s large piles of trash and boxes blocking the accessible path and just accumulating.

Doesn’t help that these bins weren’t distributed.

And there’s the toilet paper and paper towel situation. It was a couple weeks since I’d last seen TP here, though maybe i missed it since I’m not around often. Regardless, i bought some and was reimbursed.

I’m going to set a cleaning weekend soon, because it seems like no one is taking responsibility for it. I’m thinking in 2-3 weeks. Perhaps we can combine it with a move prep where people take down things that can be.

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A toilet paper order is on the way! It’s on a monthly amazon order.

And you’re right. It’s a hot mess. I’m crazy busy for the next 7 days. But If you want to do a big cleanup in the next weekend or so I’ll be there.

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I think it happens every month right before the order come in. Good sign we need to add an extra pack to our monthly orders. I’ll get on that for the next order.

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Down to come help cleanup!

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Ok, rad, apparently i hit two days a week apart that just happened to be out. Thanks!