Space Heater left on all night

Smashed. The smashing will continue until responsibility improves.

smashing shit to make a point aint a great idea, chief. I’d’ve just left it out on mission street so someone who needs heat in the cold SF nights could have some.

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@rando This kind of aggressive behavior is pure madness, has no place at Noisebridge - and makes people feel very uncomfortable. Especially in combination with you hating around against people who haven’t even met (see the conversation a few days ago).
A much more rational solution would have been to bring the heater to the trash and cut any cables to the heater (if existing) - besides the most obvious first step - make people aware of the issue before destroying the heater.
Noisebridge isn’t a place to let out your aggressions!


sometimes I’ve wished for a “closing checklist” by the door or something.

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Can you draft a consensus item about space heaters? Smashing something is violent behavior you don’t need to send the message like that. A space heater that causes a fire is itself doing terrible violence so I know exactly where you’re coming from but there are better ways to go about solving this.


Is it because of a potential fire hazard? We make sure to turn off the 3D printers for the same reason when closing down. There’s instructions here but I don’t think space heaters are specifically mentioned.

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Maybe we could also put them on a timer or otherwise automate them turning off. There might be some 24hr timers lying around the space from my space bucket project. I think forgetting to turn off a space heater is an easy mistake to make so we should engineer around it


That sounds like a very reasonable first step - all space heaters must be using a 1/2/4 hour timer.

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Preventative measures like using timers is indeed excellent, but violently destroying perfectly good equipment is not. This creates an unsafe environment at Noisebridge and it’s not one we need to tolerate.

@rando I’m asking you to take a 30+ day break from Noisebridge.


just make sure that any timers are rated for space heater level (quite high) current. I’ve seen photos of cheap timers melting


If we discover some kind of timer that can auto-shutoff at night (perhaps unless manually overridden?), we could put it all over the space since we have so many pieces of equipment that have heating elements

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I’m gonna push back against using that to describe Noisebridge. We’re not a safe space, we’re a brave space.

But I do agree Matt should take a break for a bit. All of us have been hustling hard to work on this wonderful thing we all love and it’s important to not get yourself wrapped up in it. I’ve been there, where I give so much and then get in a funk of feeling underappreciated and unloved.

Smashing up a heater sounds escalatory. Taking a break for a few weeks to wind those feelings back is a revolutionary act of love we should all be encouraged to do.


at work they have it so almost everything is on some kind of motion sensor system. the ceiling lights and most of the outlet plugs. I don’t know how it works, it seems like it’s built deeply into the building’s wiring and I don’t see any of those obvious PIR motion sensors.

@nickp That is an interesting idea! This has actually been discussed, and there are some spare sensors available. Made a thread about setting up basic Noisebridge automation here.


One thing you can do is look at the power use page:

Night time power use seems to be under 2000w right now.

Remember, Noisebridge pays commercial power rates, last I checked the PG&E bills, it’s $0.25/kWh.

A 1500w space heater uses $0.38 every hour it’s on. An overnight space heater is ~$5 in electricity.

you can actually see higher power usage overnight! Maybe this could be part of the closing process, check power usage to make sure we didn’t miss anything


Are there enough circuits to designate some “leave on” and others “off at night”?

Closer could just shut off specific breakers at eod, leaving ones that have servers or what have you

I recently bought a new space heater Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI Infrared Heater WiFi which is more programmable (can be scheduled by an android app, contains builtin thermometer). I’m thinking about moving out of SF to somewhere hot and if I do I could donate if it might be useful.


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I’m also open to suggestions as long as they leave the hackerspace and never return.

Whoever left it on is at fault, as well as who ever closed and didn’t catch it. I would love people to start taking responsibility, that would completely alleviate the situation.

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