Someone stole $200 in quarters - most unexcellent

Two days ago myself, Paul, Jay, and Nolsky counted out all the cash boxes and rolled $320 in coins (looked like a year’s worth). This was an all day activity Tuesday, and the plan was to deposit in the bank today. Checked today and all the quarters were gone (they left the nickles and pennies). The coins were sitting in the acrylic box by the door.

4/09/19 - Deposit cash and count and roll coins
4/10/19 - Not much
4/11/19 - Coins gone

:expressionless: i am disappoint

Yeah, that sucks. Taking advantage of our efforts adds insult to injury with the financial loss to Noisebridge.

The open jar on the fridge is also a point of concern. Members make change out of it, or take money out saying they will send money electronically, but it is all honesty. We might do well to be sure there is never more than $20 of change up there and then be sure the rest of the cash makes it way to a lock box…

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That sucks.

Did you say they vanished from a “locked” acrylic box?

Yes they did. We didn’t know the password to the box, so we just unscrewed the side to get the money, then put the box back together.
Later R opened it for us to put the coins back in. Not sure if the thief had the password, or just unscrewed the side. Hard to believe they could have easily unscrewed the box with anyone else around.

This is the same box setup that had $800 cash in it just a few days earlier?

I mean, that box probably had ~50 in paper bills, and then ~$200 in coins that were simply not rolled and counted. So yeah, same box, less obvious coin value…

Curious did the thief screw the hinges on after they stole the money or leave the box unhinged? Also not that it really matters but if they left it unhinged look for the matching/missing screws, curious if the thief took it to the woodshop or lactation room or did it on the spot.

All screws are in place. It’s a square bit so the ideal way to do it would be going to the wood room and finding the right match.

Likely an inside job that sucks.

I guess people should start keeping their eyes open and reporting stuff that goes missing in the space. I know that the scooter that “went missing” a few months back was an issue of contention but it’s too bad that nobody ever fessed up or returned it and makes me wonder if it wasn’t indeed opportunistically stolen by someone who comes here regularly. I also lost my bike seat cover when I left my bike overnight one day (my fault totally but kinda sucks). I also lost my macbook adapter that had my name on it recently (also my fault) but who knows. I also recently found a corporate scooter in sparkle forge that had been cut down (including the lock) and stripped for parts. Stealing from the donation box goes a step further than all the above of course.

Didn’t Matt also catch someone “taking” from the donation jar a few months back? Did anything ever come of that (without revealing names of course)? I always hope to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Sounds like we gotta get better lockboxes. Something you gotta angle grind to get it open.
No point having a lock on it if every screwdriver in the woodshop is a ‘key’


No point in having a welder if we don’t use it!

  • We are in Mission
  • There are people selling stolen goods on the sidewalk out front of our door
  • We have an 86 list a mile long filled with people who have been kicked out for theft, drug use, trying to live in the space, and that one dude who tunneled through the walls

Money …even $10 worth of it… out in the open?

Don’t be silly. We need a change machine and a safe.

They’ll probably pay for themselves in two months by eliminating all the theft.

I suspect what’s happened is that word’s gotten out on the street that “This place called Noisebridge has money lying around”. So even if we 86 one thief, five more will wander in and take their place.