[Solved] Helpful icon in upper right corner is gone now :(

Hey everyone,
I really like this forum a lot and I’m appreciative of its existence.

There used to be an icon with the profile picture where I could access messages and new posts in the upper right-hand corner.

It looks like there’s a new update and it’s gone now, any chance of bringing it back? I also can’t seem to find the update thread that used to exist here.

Anyway would be cool if things could go back to that interface, I found it to be really effective. I’m using mobile, btw. Heres a screenshot of how it looks now, and I can’t move the bar at the top of the screen at all.

Reproducible on my end as well.

It seems the additional Wiki / Donate / Patreon / Chat buttons mess up the header on mobile.

One work around for now would be to go to the options in your mobile browser and select “Request desktop site”

It looks like we can modify the theme to dedicate more vertical space to links, menus, etc. to free things up horizontally. That or remove one of the current buttons.

Would like to find a better solution for this, however I rolled back an edit that was pushing the user icon off. I added a “Chat” link, which fits fine on desktop but apparently not so well on narrow windows, i.e., mobile.

This is configured in the admin side with a custom extension. I’d propose merging the Donate and Patreon in to a single button to reduce some header space if needed.

This is the “offending”/“new” button code
Chat, Noisebridge rocket.chat #general, https://chat.noisebridge.info/channel/general

Preserving here if we end up putting it back.

Alternatively the button provides a tooltip descriptions on rollover, so we could shrink the buttons by labeling them “W” for wiki or “$” donate etc.

Thanks, works now!

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Hey @the, I created this linked thread specifically so we @staff can track additions/edits/changes we have individually made to the forum. Let’s use it! That way other admins can test changes and check for breakage based on our alterations. :heart:

@Zach thanks for the feedback. We have this thread for reporting new issues with the forum here. The admin thread you wrote in previously was simply moved; my only concern is people constantly seeing it as an annoyingly verbose topic that continually pops up for casual browsers.

Also, would you like to help with moderating and sprucing up this forum as a moderator or admin?