[Solved] Guide and Reimbursement for Staple Products (Soap, Toilet Paper, etc...)

I have noticed at Noisebridge that sometimes toilet paper and hand soap/dish soap simply runs out. What follows is that someone goes out and hunts around the local shops and buys the product to replace it. As much as I like supporting these shops, the soap is at a premium from what it could be.

Since these purchases tend to be below $10 or $20 most people probably consider it a donation and do not ask for reimbursement.

Do we want to change that?
My thinking is we should find these products very cheap and order them in bulk. I would be willing to order 6 gallons of soft soap from Amazon say, but with a $70+ price, I would like to get reimbursed. Is the community ok with that?

How about we make a list of the core things Noisebridge should have in a wiki? And a process for ordering it and getting reimbursed.

Sorry if these rules are already detailed somewhere. I searched, but could not find them.


The treasurer @gaardn already has a bunch of products on amazon subscription to the space. We can add more products if there is more that we need.

Also we have a discretionary fund which is basically a fund for general space upkeep that is “spend it as if it’s your own money” (so as wisely as you would spend your own) that we reimburse 100%

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We just need links to how to use the discretionary fund + the list of goods we re-order. :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be good to see the list of items on subscription. I feel like hand soap and dish soap should be added. Possibly cleaning sponges, and paper towels too.

How many items are on subscription? It would be nice to have a list and how much they cost, because part of the benefit would be if members know of cheaper places to buy things… and we could slowly reduce cost.

I can volunteer to make a wiki of the list of items we have on subscription and how often they come to the space. A screen shot would also work if I should not have Amazon credentials…

Apologies if this has been discussed before but have you looked into getting an account with Blaisdells (used to be Give Something Back), Forest, Trimark AKA Economy Restaurant Supply, or even Cash & Carry? Prices woudn’t be as good as Amazon but the difference is probably not huge

Lady Red’s right on the money with how to use the discretionary fund. :yum:

If you make the purchase yourself, submit the receipt in #finance-wg and state which fund is intended for that particular purchase.

If it’s on Amazon already, just link it here and I’ll set up a recurring order. Currently, all our goods come on the 23rd of each month.

We just have 2 recurring orders at the moment:


Awesome, thanks!

Here is the link for Soft Soap. Maybe order this every 2 months?

Instead of a paper towel roll, I would suggest this kind: (Maybe also bi-monthly?)

Dish soap: (bi-monthly)

Cleaning Sponges?(Yearly)

And then something like 409 surface cleaner for better restroom health? (Every 3 months? Depending on how often the bathrooms get cleaned :sweat_smile:)

I think that is generally everything the space should have for general/basic sanitation. All open to consensus agreement of course. :slight_smile: