[Solved] Enable email replies

Can we enable email replies to all categories? For convenience?

I don’t believe it is configured by category, it looks like it’s a site-wide setting, it should be working for all posts.

Does it work for you? I’m getting this

that might not be a strictly a discourse problem. can you reply directly to this post so I can try?

Hi Matt, this is a direct reply to your post so you can test the email function

Thanks. It appears discourse config is correct, as is the postfix config. I’m not sure if the dns config is. My only reference is this site:

It looks like our mail settings aren’t in-line with the recommendations, but I also don’t know if those changed recently. Since victoria is away for 3 weeks, im not sure I’ll know either. we’re having a convo in #unicorn about it, but im not yet sure what the issue is.