[Solved] Discuss email signup not working (Again?)

Hi, i’m new around here…

I was trying to setup my discuss as recommended when I visited recently, but I could not get the verification email (to a gmail.com address) to finish out the account…

I eventually had someone at the space manually confirm my account (Thanks!)

He had mentioned that it may be a known issue and that it was shutdown recently, due to some security related misconfigurations. I don’t have any direct sendmail/postfix experience, but I have setup qmail in the past and im have plenty of Linux experience, so I may be able to help, I would just need to get with someone on how its setup, and what email services are actually needed… and also to help prevent myself from making the same mistakes I might need a brain dump on what exactly happened last time… Anyway, let me know if I can do anything.

PS. i’m not looking to be the sole maintainer of any of any given solution, I’d be totally happy to pair work with someone else who would be willing but not sure how get it working, that way there would be two people in the future that could help support this…

EDIT: actually after reading some of the other posts it looks like postfix was actually enabled finally, so I’m not sure what the issue is, maybe gmail is blocking the IP now?

@elimisteve has the details I believe?

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Postfix handles incoming mail. We’re switching to Amazon SES for outgoing mail. I believe @elimisteve was going to flip the switch on that.

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Ahh, ok that sounds like a splendid solution… certainly more robust than what I was thinking…

@elimisteve if you are receiving an email right now, it’s because you did an awesome job getting discuss email back up and running.

Thanks for all the work!