[Solved] Discourse software is broken

It appears the Discourse forum is silently failing when posting events. My user was allowed to post an event last summer but now I cannot. How do I post events?

It seems it takes Admin approval to post events. I just got a notification for the testing post you created. Not sure why this change was made. I am not sure how to adjust the configuration settings for this. It seems to be part of the ‘Events’ plugin for Discourse: https://meta.discourse.org/t/events-plugin/69776

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

how about we move creating events to our new website? Already had plans to integrate that feature in the next weeks. Our website could then automatically also post those events to meetup and discourse via their APIs.


Please do! Currently there is no way to post events so having one way would be an improvement.

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People usually post events via our meetup Group so far, at least from my understanding. But ok, will implement it next:)

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