Solokeys (Two Factor hardware token) Group Buy Interest Check

Anyone want to get their own hardware two factor key? See poll below, or reply back with quantity of keys you’d be interested in. See below for the various options. :smile:


See info on the solokeys campaign here. They are creating an improved version of their fully open source fido2 hardware token for two factor authentication on popular services such as Google, Discord, Facebook, Slack, Github, and even this forum. Polling for interest in who might be interested in joining a group buy for these devices, plus snagging extras for selling in the vending machine to raise donations.

  • Yes, old school USB-A connection
  • Yes, modern USB-C
  • Both, I’d be interested in both A and C keys.
  • (choose one) If there is a fancier NFC tag upgrade, I prefer that
  • (choose one) If there is an unassembled diy developer version for cheaper, I prefer that

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If this is of interest to you, please reply back with how many keys you would be want, assuming they cost roughly $20 - $40 each, including about 5 bucks back to the space per key. Thanks!

This is a wiki post. Edit me with # of keys you’d like

Vending Machine - ? keys
@James - 4 keys
Name - how many keys