Sleeping in the space

Over the last couple months, people have started sleeping in the space significantly more often than was previously the case. I’m particularly concerned since there are people with 24-hour access (two of them just tonight), who ought to be taking care of the space but are instead sleeping here. I’m not sure what to do about this trend so hopefully we can figure something out.

Yeeeah that’s a hard nope.

People come to Noisebridge to hack; don’t make it weird for them by creating an uncomfortable environment.

If people are sleeping at Noisebridge, they need to leave and come back later.

Can whoever sponsored the people who are sleeping be notified? If it is one of mine I would like to talk to the person and also know to emphasize these things more in the onboarding process.


Do you know how one might find someone’s sponsor(s)? If the application is still in the binder, I could look there, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to determine their sponsor(s).

@tdfischer might know how to find someone’s sponsor.

Yes. You send me a DM on here and I check in our scanned documents.

FYI Johnny (Drummer, birdhouse productions, etc) was sleeping sunday night and took a while to wake up. This was his second time. I spoke to him today about it. As he had a freebie the first time, this time was a “warning” I guess. I told him he can’t do it, if he’s tired, go home, etc, and next time he might be asked to take a few days off or something.

I’m not sure what to do, exactly, if I catch him again. Ask him to take a few days off? (and use that as a general guideline?)

Yeah. Pull him aside, have a gentle conversation. Make sure he’s got somewhere to sleep that isn’t Noisebridge, talk about how Noisebridge is for hacking and isn’t the best place for anyone to try and sleep. If he doesn’t have a place to sleep that isn’t noisebridge, there’s a wiki page that lists services they could try and hit up for help.