Sign up to help out with the elevator!

Comment on this thread to sign up to help out with the elevator. Once we have a few people, we can start distributing the work that needs to be done and start planning how to make the elevator suck less for the future.

No mechanical experience required – the work is stuff like contacting the landlord’s preferred repair person about problems and putting up information signs etc.

Details on our progress here: About the Elevator category

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How many people have signed up for the elevator? I can help out a little bit.

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I think just you and maybe Matt since he wanted to know more about the elevator from the repair person. I think that’s a quorum! I’m working on getting the mechanical issues to Otis. Y’all are free to take on any of the other stuff in About the Elevator category

I’ll comment there with my progress too

Elevator guy came yesterday morning and installed the new door latch, but then encountered another problem. Not sure where he left off.

Yup, I called him this morning, deets here if you’re curious @themanmaran: About the Elevator category

All love to the wonderful old hard-working two accordion doors elevator. May he/she/it/they/them return to full working health very soon.

Hey, I’ll try to help with the elevator, especially for things that require just having someone in the space generally. At the meeting tonight we were discussing assigning someone to find an new repair person for the elevator but it looks like maybe there’s some progress from About the Elevator category .

If I can help out just let me know.

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I have a discussion item! I’m going to start a DM thread with everyone who’s commented anywhere in the elevator guild

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I’m willing to follow around any elevator maintenance people and ensure they’re doing …actual work.


LMK if there’s any way I can help with the elevator :slight_smile:.

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