Show off your project or rant at this Thursday's FIVE MINUTES OF FAME 8PM

Foolishly… trapped myself … in discussion forum text box… must type message and hit “Create Topic” to … escape


It is 5mof this Thursday, 6PM-8PM Social, 8PM - YOUR PROJECT HERE, 9PM party.

I’ve got three exciting speakers lined up (one of them stuck in the METAVERSE), but I need like maybe three or so more. I got commodore 64s, I got naked oiled senior developer advocates, I got Germano-Australian 3D RISCV hijnx, I got the Search for Queer Extraterrestial Intelligence (that’s it, I just told you the joke), I got Apple rants, I got Pinetimes! BUT I NEED YOU!

Just add your name and details to this wikipedia page, reply under this message or mail me at, and we’ll get you a slot. Or just turn up, but that’ll freak me out more.

Thank you!

i am released

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