Shop Vac coming Tomorrow (Wed Jul 3)

Can someone please check on it tomorrow and let us know if it was received?

The Amazon tracking link is here, not clear if you have to be logged in as me to see it:

UPS tracking number:

UPS doesn’t have it on the site yet.


Currently says “Out for delivery”; it will therefore be delivered to NB today, 7/3.

Did the shop vac make it? was delivered at 420p. supposedly.

It arrived! And vacuumed out the table saw.

Pretty good purchase. It’s an easy size to carry around, and has the option to use filter bags. Given the price I would consider ordering a second one (one for woodworking and one for laser/metal).

However it is a bit underpowered compared to the other shop vac we had. We may consider replacing the motor for the large shop vac as well (for when we need to do some serious vacuuming).