Shop donations coming soon!

Today someone named Otis stopped by after seeing the place first on Circuit Hacking Monday. He was impressed with the space is planning to give a lot of shop tools to Noisebridge! He is a general contractor and has been accumulating nice tools for years but wants to downsize. Next time he comes back he is going to bring at least a new vise for the cnc (he has 4) as well as a few shop vacs (he has something like 14 shop vacs). He also has many power tools he wants to donate and also maybe shop storage organizers. He also spoke of a welding table, band saw, nice grinder, and lots of other stuff. He’s going to start slow because he doesn’t want to just dump stuff here, but he has a whole lot of it - if you see him talk to him and tell him what your needs are for equipment. He will be back next circuit hacking Monday with his kids most likely. Very nice guy!


It would be great to see a list of specific items and pics of possible donations!

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