Shelving upgrade proposal [$]

Seeking small-c consensus, and reimbursement if the proposal is supported

Background: The gray steel hack/project shelves were -at 2169- kinda permanently attached to the walls via drywall screws. That was done because these are “boltless” shelves which by default have no cross-bracing: they literally fall over sideways if not screwed to a wall, or otherwise secured.

The issue: I’m working to organize the hack shelves’ materiel. Screwing the shelves in place NOW means deciding where those shelves will be placed for the long term. Sure, they could be emptied, broken down and moved again, but that seems sub-optimal.

Proposal: purchase and install cross-bracing kits, plus a set of furniture glides (to enable shuttling the shelves about.) Helps delay fixing guild space layout as long as possible, and leaves open the possibility of shelf movement into the future. Also facilitates locating shelves away from walls.

Materials and costs:

Total for 5 units: $125, plus shipping