Sewing Guild

It looks like Guilds is a thing. Everyone keeps mentioning the sewing area as an example for guild but I’ve yet to hear of an organized guild member list here. Electronics has one. I’m trying to do that. I want to do this too.
I sew a lot nowadays. Hoodies and t-shirts are my go to but I’m always trying to learn new things. I’m not the best but I’ve been fixing the overlock serger and maintaining the area a bit. I’d like to help with maintaining supplies and machinery. I’m especially interested in finding ways to maximize use of the space and equipment.
Reply if you’re also interested in being a part of a sewing guild


Me! I don’t sew as much anymore as I used too (more drawing/painting/sculpture), but I was really invested in the sewing area for the previous year and I’d like to maintain that stewardship.

I’d like to be a part of the sewing guild! I try to keep that area clean and organized a bit, it’s my favorite spot in the space right now.

I’d like to join the sewing guild. I am very inexperienced, taking classes at CCSF right now

Which classes are you taking? CCSF classes are a great way to learn and NB is a great place to come to do your sewing homework. Several of our guild members have done CCSF classes, and I’m in some now (though none are sewing)

I’m taking Flat Pattern 1 (F26) right now, last semester was Apparel Construction 1 (F15A). I took Intro to Sewing (FA) too even though it’s not required, mostly because I was starting from like zero sewing knowledge. I think for this class I can do most of the homework at home-- it sounds like it’s mostly pattern drafting, and not a lot of sewing-- but for just about anything else it would be great to work at NB

Excellent. Those sound like good classes @pagrus . I’m also very new to sewing and inexperienced. It appears that we have a lot of people interested in the Sewing Guild. I’ll start creating a list of names of those showing interest here and on the slack channel. I think some of our first tasks should involve organizing ourselves and adopting a platform for intra-‘Sewing Guild’ discussions and another for Sewing Guild communique. Does anyone know who to poke for a wiki page on

On a related note, the sewing equipment wiki page says to go to Apparel City for parts and service. I think they moved recently, so while they’re still in business (as far as I know) they aren’t going to be as convenient to get to.

Poke me. DM me your wiki name and i’ll give you privs to make new pages