Setup for website

@the, let’s share great progress made today with @fnord @marco @James @bfb

Currently, we are at a 400 error for in terms of getting Django-based HackspaceOS up and functioning via nginx. This is moving along!

fwiw, eventual plan is to roll out to as described in:

Nice work all, great to get Unicorn up to date, and spread the knowledge around a bit.

So we confirmed bits and pieces were installed and updated, like uwsgi, and added a django-test.service to systemctl that attempts to start up a redirect on :8001

Coming back to this as I’d love to get it working with my limited understanding of Django. Any and all assistance appreciated.

We could ask Tami hackerspace for assistance on how they set up the site.

Also, @marco has a Patreon! :heart: