Setting up CodiMD on Unicorn

I’m looking to setup CodiMD as a collaborative markdown editor at It is similar to etherpad, which we use for meeting notes currently, and is a very nice alternative.

docker-compose wants to run on port 3000. Will I run into any issues if is already on that port?

@James We have something running on port 3000 already but we could (1) change the compose file you mention or (2) perhaps use docker run -p 3001:3000 ... or the like to use 3001 on the host rather than 3000 (though I’m much more familiar with Docker/rkt/Podman than Docker Compose).

Can you link us here to the docker-compose.yml?

Following these instructions.
Look under noisebridge’s ~/codimd-container/docker-compose.yml

Also, I think CodiMD wants to use postgres, which Discourse is using.